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Agan yang satu ini Ajib banget...hari ini ane beli Sierra luxury aircard 7 series ama ni agan,... Barang dalam kondisi Ciamik..... Orangnya Ramah Ajib... Jangan Ragu deh beli barang sama ni agan.
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By Irfan Kristanto Wijaya  Article Published 03 April 2013

Hello all. People seem to be having problems or need help upgrading their Venus. And of course the Chinese instructions aren't much use either. So I have written a guide here for upgrading your Venus to the latest firmware. I will explain this whole process in an easy to understand way, so anyone can do this. I may or may not make a video, because I know some people learn much easier with video.

DISCLAIMER: This guide is provided for information purposes. I am not responsible if anything goes wrong in the upgrade process, nor can I guarantee it will work for everyone. Make sure you follow each step correctly and you will be fine.

Before you follow this guide, it is important to know that YOUR PERSONAL DATA WILL BE WIPED during the upgrade process. Please MAKE A BACKUP before attempting this procedure.

You need to have at least some good general knowledge on using a computer. In this guide you will need to navigate files and folders on your computer and download files off the internet.

I have tried this on Windows 8 (32-bit) and it has worked. It should work on Windows 7. I am not sure about Windows XP.

Make a backup of all your files inside your tablet. The flash/upgrade process will format your tablet, deleting everything.

Make sure your tablet is charged up fully (above 90%). You do not want your tablet shutting off during the flash/upgrade because it ran out of battery.

You will need to download the following files and save them to your computer (I will be using the Desktop for this guide):


FIRMWARE UPGRADE TOOL (Tablet Product Tool(Developer Edtion) 1.02): http://bit.ly/XhA3gf


LATEST FIRMWARE (0328): http://bit.ly/Xnx8Cw

Please let me know if the above download links do not work.


Previous firmware:



Installing the software
Now that you have the files downloaded, you will need to extract the files out of "Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool.zip" and m130328(T0325T0315)_0130_novo7_venus” to your Desktop (or wherever you want to save).

Open “Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool”. In this folder there are a few files that will be installed to your computer. Open “Msien.msi” and allow administrator access. Follow the setup prompts to install the software.

If a Windows Security message pops up asking about installing driver software, click “Install this driver software anyway”. It is safe to do so!


Preparing the firmware and your tablet for flashing/upgrading
Now that you have the software installed, you can now pick the firmware to install onto your tablet.
Open up your start menu and look for a folder called “Tablet Product Tool(Developer Edition) 1.02”. Inside will be a program called “Tablet Product Tool(Developer Edition)”. Open that.

You should now come to an interface like below. DO NOT CHECK OR UNCHECK any boxes.


Click on the “Replace Firmware” icon as shown below.


Now navigate into the folder that you extracted earlier with the firmware. This is the "m130328(T0325T0315)_0130_novo7_venus" folder. Select the “jellybean_atm7029_7_a_130328.fw” file and open it.

It will read the firmware for a bit then you will see a window. Click “Replace”


Now here comes the part where we select all the files to be flash/upgraded onto our tablet. Follow the instructions below along with the picture.


  • Click on Image and navigate to where you extracted the files. Select “rec.img”.
  • Click on Image and select “misc.img”.
  • Click on Image and select “system.img”.
  • This step is not required for the latest firmware.

The Tablet Product Tool program should now look something like this below.


Now it’s time to get your tablet and turn it off. Once you do that, plug one end your USB cable into your computer. Plug the other end into your tablet and hold down the VOLUME UP (+) button and the POWER button until you hear a connection sound from your computer. If your tablet shows a battery charging, try pressing and holding VOLUME UP and POWER again until you hear a connection sound from your computer. Depending on what version of Windows you have, it will successfully install a driver or not. To check, go to the Tablet Product Tool program and look at the top-left box to see if there is progress bar with “[A] Ready”. If there is, skip the below instructions. If there isn’t, follow the below instructions.


Driver installation
If your computer didn’t install the driver software that’s fine. The program we installed has them for you. Open your Control Panel and go to “Device Manager”. Now go to this little icon. pic8d.png Click on it and look for an icon with an exclamation mark. pic9g.png Right click it and select “Update Driver Software…” to install the driver manually. Next select “Browse my computer for driver software”. Click on browse and go to “C:\Program Files\Tablet Product Tool(Developer Edition) 1.02”. Select the “Driver” folder and hit OK. Follow the rest of the prompts. If a system pop up appears, accept it for the installation to continue.

Flashing/Upgrading your tablet
Now here comes the part where we actually upgrade your tablet!  :D 
Click that “DOWN” button as shown below.



This will start the flashing/upgrading process. Depending on how fast your computer is, it will take a few minutes to finish.

Make sure you DO NOT disconnect the USB cable during the process, otherwise you might brick (make unusable) your tablet!
Once it says “[A] Successful” in the progress bar, you are finished!  :D 


Now you can unplug your tablet from the computer and then press and hold the POWER button for about 8-10 seconds and then let go. The tablet should start up.

Finishing notes
On the first boot it will take longer than usual for your tablet to start up. After the first boot, the next time you start up your tablet it will be much faster.


After the first boot the language will be set in Chinese. To change that, go into the apps, open up Settings and scroll down until you see a icon with an 'A' on it. Click on it and then click the first option at the top of the right-hand pane. Now you can set the language to one of the English ones. A video below by cpuken explains how to do this.



You can check your firmware by going into Settings and then ‘About tablet’. Look at ‘Build number’ and it will show the current version. 


Every time after you flash/upgrade your firmware your battery stats are reset. What this means is your battery percentage/icon might be off the mark. Charging your tablet to 100%, then running it down to 0%, and charging it back up to 100% a few times should calibrate the battery so the percentage/icon is more accurate.


If you have any questions feel free to ask here. I will try my best to help out.
This guide was written in my own time. If it helped you make sure to click that like button.  :) 

Have fun!

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